A Blossom Emerges Each Moment…

🌱🌸🌷Signs of spring along the sidewalks… The theme lately (as it often is for me): to remain present amidst the fluctuations and uncertainty. To rest in the love and gratitude that are abundant in every moment, despite the stress and grief lingering in the big-picture of human life. I’ll be leaving in a week toContinue reading “A Blossom Emerges Each Moment…”

Diary of a Vipassana Experience

aka Buddha Bootcamp aka Enlightenment Kindergarten aka Awakening 101 The eve of January 1st, I arrive in Kaufman, Texas. A few miles off the main road, down some winding side streets through woods that remind me of fall in Maryland, past some dry fields and onto a dirt-and-pebble road, passing small farm houses before theContinue reading “Diary of a Vipassana Experience”