Health of the Water Channel: Kidneys & UTs

In the spirit of sharing Ayurvedic (the science of longevity!) wellness advice   re: subjects that have arisen through the needs of my body and questions that friends/family/clients have asked,  today’s inspiration has led me to explore the subject of UTIs.  The urinary tract and the kidney are connected to the water channel.   To helpContinue reading “Health of the Water Channel: Kidneys & UTs”

Oiling= Love= “Snehana”

Ayurveda– the ancient science of longevity– says: USE MORE OIL! Not only in our foods, but also on your skin and in your orifices (ears, eyes, nose, and enemas). The Sanskrit term “Snehena” means the “application of oil,” but it comes from a word “sneha” that means “love and compassion.” By oiling our body insideContinue reading “Oiling= Love= “Snehana””

A Blossom Emerges Each Moment…

🌱🌸🌷Signs of spring along the sidewalks… The theme lately (as it often is for me): to remain present amidst the fluctuations and uncertainty. To rest in the love and gratitude that are abundant in every moment, despite the stress and grief lingering in the big-picture of human life. I’ll be leaving in a week toContinue reading “A Blossom Emerges Each Moment…”

What’s a “dosha”?

Beautiful synchronicity has been showing up in my life lately. Teachers, podcasts, books, and new educational endeavors are revealing to me: we can trust in the elements. The air, the water, the fire, the earth and the ether– with observable qualities that exist as the building-blocks of our being. Traditions of philosophy and medicine aroundContinue reading “What’s a “dosha”?”

In and Out

AHARA and VIHARA. What we take in, and what we put out. These concepts have fascinated me as of late, as I ponder why it is that I feel so sensitive sometimes. Whether it’s seeing a commercial on TV that makes me cry, or hearing the words of a friend that turn my whole dayContinue reading “In and Out”