(Free 15-minute consults available for first-time clients!)

Email me at CourtneyGyoga@gmail.com for availability.

Together we can discover the most practical, enjoyable, and effective practices for you to incorporate in your lifestyle so you can live a more easeful, joyful life!
Appointments & Pricing

Initial Consultation (1st session + Follow-up) = $120

Individual Follow-up Sessions: $50

Package of 4: $45 each ($180 total)

Payment can be made to CashApp or Venmo: @courtneyshakti

1:1 sessions are meant to address your specific wellness needs.

Offerings may include:

—Ayurvedic counseling

—breath work to alleviate stress and anxiety

—yoga postures to support mental health & alleviate chronic pain

—practices for enhanced wellbeing

—nutrition consultations

—herbalism/ Folk Medicine

—grief support

—spiritual guidance

My intention is that together we will cultivate a regular practice of wellbeing that supports your most vibrant life. May these self-care techniques become the foundation of your joyful, peaceful existence!

(If there is a need for financial support through a payment plan or sliding-scale pricing, in the hopes that these ancient east/west health sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Folk Medicine may be made more widely available, please reach out to me at CourtneyGYoga@gmail.com.)

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