What’s a “dosha”?

Beautiful synchronicity has been showing up in my life lately. Teachers, podcasts, books, and new educational endeavors are revealing to me: we can trust in the elements. The air, the water, the fire, the earth and the ether– with observable qualities that exist as the building-blocks of our being. Traditions of philosophy and medicine aroundContinue reading “What’s a “dosha”?”

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Relaxing and Rejuvenating Breathwork, ~20 minutes Relaxing 10-minutes of breathing practice

How did I get Here?

12/07/2020 Greetings dear ones. Here I am sitting at my desk, which I have the blessing of being placed in front of a window overlooking a grassy nook on the edge of this property, lined with evergreens and young Aspens that have just shed the last of their leaves.  These taller trees seem to beContinue reading “How did I get Here?”

modern witch

Which Witch is Which

(pictured: 21st century witch in her habitat) The term “witch” doesn’t have the cleanest of reputations.  No surprise our cells recoil inward at the sound, with resistance, “No, not us!,” –considering it’s only been some 350 years since European ancestors were burned for such a label, terrorizing female healers for 3 centuries, no less.  (SomeContinue reading “Which Witch is Which”

In and Out

AHARA and VIHARA. What we take in, and what we put out. These concepts have fascinated me as of late, as I ponder why it is that I feel so sensitive sometimes. Whether it’s seeing a commercial on TV that makes me cry, or hearing the words of a friend that turn my whole dayContinue reading “In and Out”

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