Fibromyalgia & Massage Therapy

by Courtney U. Graham I became aware of fibromyalgia several years ago while studying herbalism in California.  My teacher, a few years older than me and with wisdom beyond her stature and age, spoke openly about having “a disability.”  I came to understand her “dis-ease” to be fibromyalgia. Regarding living with this disease, she says, “There areContinue reading “Fibromyalgia & Massage Therapy”

Health of the Water Channel: Kidneys & UTs

In the spirit of sharing Ayurvedic (the science of longevity!) wellness advice   re: subjects that have arisen through the needs of my body and questions that friends/family/clients have asked,  today’s inspiration has led me to explore the subject of UTIs.  The urinary tract and the kidney are connected to the water channel.   To helpContinue reading “Health of the Water Channel: Kidneys & UTs”

Oiling= Love= “Snehana”

Ayurveda– the ancient science of longevity– says: USE MORE OIL! Not only in our foods, but also on your skin and in your orifices (ears, eyes, nose, and enemas). The Sanskrit term “Snehena” means the “application of oil,” but it comes from a word “sneha” that means “love and compassion.” By oiling our body insideContinue reading “Oiling= Love= “Snehana””

A Blossom Emerges Each Moment…

🌱🌸🌷Signs of spring along the sidewalks… The theme lately (as it often is for me): to remain present amidst the fluctuations and uncertainty. To rest in the love and gratitude that are abundant in every moment, despite the stress and grief lingering in the big-picture of human life. I’ll be leaving in a week toContinue reading “A Blossom Emerges Each Moment…”

Elemental Constitution

Let’s discover which of the 5 elements show up predominantly in your constitution! As an Ayurveda Counselor, this simple exploration is an excellent foundational tool for me and my clients to determine the best approach to nutrition and lifestyle– so we can maximize our wellbeing and enjoy life to the fullest. Knowing your baseline constitutionContinue reading “Elemental Constitution”

The Inner Child & The Cosmic Mother

When I see exuberant people who seem so full of energy and luster for life, I wonder if they’ve ever felt weighed down by depression. One or two people who I view as role models in the mental health world admit they’ve never had the experience of feeling crippled by fear/anxiety or being bogged downContinue reading “The Inner Child & The Cosmic Mother”

Views from the Wilderness

(Journaling post-work to process all the craziness) Trails , December 2021 When someone asks me, “How was work?”, upon my returning to the “real world” out of the woods, it’s laughable, because so many terrible things happen— yet I feel invigorated and fulfilled. (For example, I was proud of myself for being viewed as “calmContinue reading “Views from the Wilderness”

What’s a “dosha”?

Beautiful synchronicity has been showing up in my life lately. Teachers, podcasts, books, and new educational endeavors are revealing to me: we can trust in the elements. The air, the water, the fire, the earth and the ether– with observable qualities that exist as the building-blocks of our being. Traditions of philosophy and medicine aroundContinue reading “What’s a “dosha”?”