Ayurveda cohort,
with teachers in India

“Wellness in Body, Mind, & Spirit”

Welcome! My name is Courtney Ullrich Graham, and I’m here to share with you my passion for wellness, creativity, and radical self-care. “Radical” means “from the root,” so in caring for ourselves “from the root,” we are called to return to ancestral ways of being. Looking to ancient longevity practices, earth-based healing, and simplified approaches to our daily lifestyles, we can rediscover very practical and fulfilling ways of living that optimize our sense of wellbeing.

Joy and contentment are available to us in every moment. Yet, it takes practice and skill to tap into this blissful state of being, so we can remain calm and centered even when life is busy and stress abounds. Yoga, Ayurveda, & Meditation offer us an abundance of tools for our daily lives that strengthen us physically, mentally and spiritually, so we become peaceful warriors ready to meet the peaks and valleys of life with grace and ease.

What is “Ayurveda”?

“Ayur” means “longevity,” and “veda” means “wisdom.” This elemental-based science hails from ancient India, and today is practiced in hospitals and clinics around the world. Ayurveda is a sister-science to yoga that addresses the medical aspect of wellness. Although yoga in the west is often associated with physical exercise, the full spectrum of yoga mainly aims to prepare the mind for meditation. So, one could say Yoga teaches us how to take care of our mind, and Ayurveda teaches us how to care of our body.

When you decide to work with an Ayurveda coach, you can expect to learn about your body’s unique constitution, and how to address specific health issues & maximize your wellbeing through nutrition, food preparation, incorporation of herbs and spices, prescribed yoga poses and breathing techniques, and daily routine/ lifestyle practices that will support your unique Self.

What are your wellness goals?

Education & Certifications

Certified Power-Yoga Instructor
  • Thousands of hours of group & private teaching experience
  • Iyengar Yoga apprentice since 2017 specializing in alignment
600-hour Ayurveda Counselor Certification, current student
  • ancient techniques of optimizing wellness through diet, lifestyle, cleansing techniques, breath-work, herbalism, and more.
Medicine Mandala Graduate, 2019
  • Herbalism studies; Nutrition and gut-healing; Ancestral Foods; Mythology; Ritual & Ceremony; Meditation; Movement practices; Communication and Community Skills
Groundswell Women’s Leadership & Empowerment Program graduate, 2020
AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, 2010
BA Creative Writing, Eckerd College, 2008
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