Oiling= Love= “Snehana”

Ayurveda– the ancient science of longevity– says: USE MORE OIL!

Not only in our foods, but also on your skin and in your orifices (ears, eyes, nose, and enemas). The Sanskrit term “Snehena” means the “application of oil,” but it comes from a word “sneha” that means “love and compassion.” By oiling our body inside and out, we are giving ourselves an act of self-love, while also deeply nourishing all 7 layers of our tissues– lymph, skin, fat, muscle, bone, nerves, and sexual fluids.

While in India, I was able to find herbal oils for low prices at corner store pharmacies– hence the stockpile you see pictured here. (Herbs for joint pain, muscle aches, skin beautifying, circulation, etc.) The large bottle of sesame oil and the jar of ghee are the ones I use daily, easily purchased in the USA. I lightly warm the oil to rub on my body (sesame) or to drop in my nose (sesame or ghee) and eyes (ghee). The benefits are astounding, helping to prevent all sorts of degeneration.

Feel free to add little spoonfuls of ghee in all your (warm) food throughout the day, to lubricate the inner organs and to help any stuck junk get flowing.

I don’t know about you, but I grew up with a fear of high-fat foods, so having the permission to enjoy the delicious flavor of ghee (clarified butter) while also knowing it is keeping my body looking and feeling younger and functioning more smoothly is beyond joyful.

If you want to learn more, message me! I’m happy to answer questions, or do a deep-dive together through 1:1 wellness consultations.

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