Blessings at Dawn

This morning the silhouette of the trees was like black lace,

with the fiery pink sky glowing beyond,

and the rising sun shining through

in beams illuminating the mist.

Walking at dawn as a moving meditation. A mantra, an affirmation, a prayer, and the sound of birds and cicadas to set the rhythm.

There are always so many unknowns, so much change impending and uncertainty with which to reckon. The worrying could be endless, if we let it. As I get older, more and more I find myself aching for a sense of safety— a search that leads me again and again to the answer that lies within. Our minds create the fear we experience. If we can find stillness amidst the rising emotion, we might remember the truth— that this life is all just brushstrokes in a beautiful, fleeting masterpiece; this moment is all we have, and it is precious and gorgeous; love is always available within us; we can be joyful even amidst the heartache of grief; life’s challenges only serve to strengthen the compassion in our hearts.

I’ve been reading a book called “8 Secrets to Powerful Manifesting,” and one of the secrets to help us get out of triggered emotion based on old patterns of thought is to go for a walk to help reset our physical experience. Combining this with a practice to connect to our spiritual nature only serves to amplify the positive effects on our limbic system, helping release us from Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Fawn modes. Simple and pleasant practices such as lighting candles when we feel angry can truly help release us from the strangling binds of habitual reacting.

Peace is possible.

💖Dedicated to family and friends near and far. Sending love and hugs. 💖

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