A Blossom Emerges Each Moment…

Violets and Concrete in Easley, South Carolina

Signs of spring along the sidewalks…

The theme lately (as it often is for me): to remain present amidst the fluctuations and uncertainty. To rest in the love and gratitude that are abundant in every moment, despite the stress and grief lingering in the big-picture of human life.

I’ll be leaving in a week to spend a month in India, a trip that has been on the horizon for the past two years and is finally allowed to unfold. The goal is to complete my Ayurveda Counselor certification by this summer. The doors that are opening and will open are exciting, but the promise of change sometimes brings a heaviness to the heart.

Practicing equanimity. Practicing contentment and even-mindedness amidst the ups and downs and side-to-sides. Enjoying the people and places and experiences as they unfold. Appreciating, relishing each moment, despite any emotion that may be arising simultaneously. And, oh-so importantly, practicing compassion for ourselves when we need rest… and allowing space for that Care to happen.

A phrase from Vipassana meditation that I often recite to myself is, “everything is temporary.” And although we may long for some things to last forever, ultimately it is the recognition of the fleeting nature of reality that can bring us such ecstatic joy and gratitude for What Is. Like the blossom of a flower, it’s delicate beauty reminds us of the preciousness of Now.

“Buttercup in the sidewalk”, spring 2022

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